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In 2013 my brother Miles and I came up with our vision for an intergalactic event series: Space Party. I was still an undergrad at the University of Michigan so began taking architecture studio courses to get a grasp on how to make large-scale installations that we would need to bring our vision to life. My senior thesis project at the Stamps School of Art + Design was a culmination of everything I had learned in architecture and studio art courses, including techniques in digital fabrication. The result was a 12 x 12 foot installation that was a study on public architecture from different municipal sites in Michigan such as hospitals, schools and prisons. The image above is from that thesis show. Now I create installations in Los Angeles with my team at Space Party, as well as solo sculptural works in my home studio. 

Image above - American Flag 2016 multimedia sculpture for The Civic Subconscious: my senior thesis

at the Stamps School of Art + Design.

Space Party installation concept design by Maya + Miles Crosman.

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