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H2wOwah Series

H2wOwah Series

After creating soundtrack loops on Ableton, I took some color study videos I made with water-based pigments and light from my iPhone archive and abstracted them in Resolume Arena 7.

Animation, + soundtrack

by Maya Crosman

Aluminum Prints

Stills from H2wOwah Series. Custom sizes upon REQUEST.

* 50% of every sale donated to

Set Phasers to Party
VJ Video

VJ art video to Space Party's most played song "Set Phasers to Party."

Animation by Maya Crosman

Music by Miles Crosman

Space Party DJ Series 2021

Space Party DJ Series 2021

Watch Now

VJing by Maya Crosman

DJing by Miles Crosman

Miles takes on the beats as I takes on the visuals for our first DJ series on

DJ Streams

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